Professional Photograper in Malaga and Madrid

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Professional photography for official tourism campaigns to promote different cities, regions and natural spaces: monuments, museums, heritage, architecture, art, culture, nature, beaches, golf, sailing and other sports.

In travel and tourism photography, my main clients are public and private companies dedicated to promoting travel and tourism, the tourism offices of different autonomous communities, regions and cities, natural parks, travel, tourism and nature magazines, golf courses, travel agencies, hotels and sporting and business associations.


Professional photography for architecture studios, interior designers, construction companies, developers, real estate agents, and public and private institutions, showcasing all styles of homes, monuments, sculptures, shopping centres, business premises and buildings. My work expresses a creative and artistic vision that displays both the general aspects of every building, construction and creation and the details that add personality. A complete reportage must be made up of general photographs of the space as a whole and of the details, seeking out volumes, lines, lights, shadows and contrasts in harmony to capture the attention and interest of the audience to whom it is directed.


Real estate photography for companies and individuals in the property sector. Reportage of properties of all styles and sizes: villas, detached houses, housing developments, country estates, apartments and flats, as well as commercial premises, building land, spaces and the areas where they are located. Urban, residential and rural settings. Particular attention is paid to the composition, lighting, colour and sharpness to achieve the most spectacular and attractive images possible that make your advertising stand out and attract your potential clients.


Over ten years as a professional photographer for hotels and resorts throughout Spain, mainly in Madrid and in the main cities of Andalusia: Seville, Jerez de La Frontera, Malaga, Marbella, Cordoba, Granada and Almería. Establishments of all styles and sizes, from small family-run hotels to large hotel chains. Your reportage includes photographs of the rooms, indoor and outdoor common areas and details of the hotel’s unique qualities, style and personality. Once the photo session is completed, the process of selecting the best images and their digital editing begins, photo by photo, before the final results are delivered to the client, with perfect quality guaranteed.


Professional photographer with an extensive portfolio of interior design photography adapting to the style and tastes of clients, who include architects, interior designers, interior decorators and individuals. The main locations are Marbella, Madrid and Malaga. Photography of houses, flats, apartments, hotels, resorts, clinics, offices, restaurants, business premises and establishments, as well as opticians and décor, fashion and accessories stores.

EIRE Interiors & Home Staging


Photography for companies: industrial, corporate, conferences, presentations, food and products. This service is aimed at companies that are looking for a creative way to update the image of their company, premises and products, or document events.

Reproduction of works of art and collectibles. Studio photography with professional lighting, precise interpretation of colours, textures and shapes. Paintings, print, art, sculptures, wood carvings, jewellery, coins and precious metals. Photography for museums and exhibitions, investment companies and collectors.

Aerial photography service with drone for construction, real estate and landscaping companies, hotels, housing developments, sporting events, industrial processes and tourism promotion: towns and cities, monuments, landscapes, nature, beaches...

Juan Pascual is a pilot of remotely piloted aircraft with official AESA certification.