Stamp of the Holy Week in Malaga

Juan Pascual Fotografo Profesional Sello Semana Santa de Málaga

I was invited by the Department of Tourism of the City of Malaga to the presentation at the City Hall of a new stamp of Post about the Holy Week in Malaga. The only time before a stamp had been made on the Holy Week in Malaga was 29 years ago. The new seal reproduces a photograph of Jesús Cautivo passing through Marqués de Larios street in the capital on Holy Monday. The mayor made the presentation of Malaga, D. Francisco de la Torre, in the Hall of the Mirrors.

This photograph of Jesús Cautivo is part of a report I made two years ago for the Tourism Area. It still makes this very original diffusion of a picture of me more endearing to me the fact that on the right side there is the building of calle Larios number 4, where I lived my first five years in Malaga.

Among all the photographs of Holy Week in Malaga that I have done, this is one of the ones I like the most because of the cleanliness, symmetry and contrast of the black and white of Jesus' tunic and the early morning sky.