Travel and Tourism photographer Juan Pascual

Juan Pascual Fotografo Profesional Juan Pascual Fotografía de Viajes Turismo y Naturaleza

This new blog entry is about travel, tourism and nature photography, where I show some examples of my work in this field, which is made up of the following areas: cities, towns, architecture, landscape, nature, natural spaces, places of interest historical made for both public and private entities. The usual way of working for these clients is by contracting to make reports adapted to their needs and the use they will give to photography. Another possibility is the transfer of the right to reproduce photographs from my archive of photographic work.

Each photographer has his style, given by the compositions he seeks when taking pictures, the light, the atmosphere and the tones he desires, and the way of editing the images. Moreover, the photographic equipment also contributes different quality to my photography. My Hasselblad digital medium format camera has 16-bit colour depth, the maximum existing, and the widest dynamic range. Combined with the Hasselblad HC and HCD optics, this achieves fantastic image quality and sharpness. It allows prints to be enlarged up to 10 meters without showing pixelation or loss of definition, even when looking at them from a very short distance. It makes them the ideal photos for use in trade fair stands, photocalls, billboards and other large enlargements.

My photographs are also used in decoration projects by architects, interior designers and private clients.