Real estate photography in Malaga and Marbella


A new tourist apartment report in Malaga, in front of the emblematic Félix Sáenz building, in the heart of the capital of the Costa del Sol. The owners acquired the property, did a comprehensive reform, and furnished it with the advice of a Malaga home company staging. A few days later, we had the appointment to report a professional photographer Malaga Marbella apartments.

The cover photo is of one of the two balconies. It is open, with the leather chair facing outside, with a blanket, travel book and sunglasses.

The image below is an angled shot of the living room, with the door to the bedroom on the left, made of a metal frame and glass panels. On the right side, you can see the beginning of the sofa and a picture hanging on the wall. The second photo is of the assembled dining table and chairs on the left and centre, a large green leafy plant behind, and a sofa with large cushions and leaves from the balcony on the right. As a third photograph, we have the living room photographed from the entrance to the bedroom, with the kitchen unit on the right, the dining room table and chairs on the left, and balconies in the background. The fourth photo corresponds to the correct part of the living room captured from the sofa. Here we see the kitchen on the right, the balcony door leaf on the left and the small living room table in the scene's centre. The fifth is made from the leaves of one of the balconies. We see most of the apartment taken diagonally, with the entrance door from the corridor in the background. We continue now with a shot made with artificial light. It is another diagonal shot, directly taken from the other balcony, with the bedroom in the centre-slightly left background. The following is a symmetrical photograph, with the two balconies on the left and right.

Now, another photograph with another diagonal shot, a television corner and a wooden piece of furniture in the background. Here we have the dining table with a fruit bowl of oranges in the foreground instead of the previous set-up. As a professional photographer in Malaga Marbella apartments, we have another photograph of the kitchen occupying the right and centre of the scene, with an open balcony to the right.

We now find the Malaga vacation rental company logo printed on the television in the foreground on the left, the kitchen and bedroom in the background. Next, a central table in the living room, a sofa and a bedroom door and a picture with an abstract painting on the couch. Plant with long stems and large green leaves in the foreground on the right, bedroom in the centre of the scene. There follows a television's capture, the furniture under it, with some decorative elements, bottles and glasses of water, the left part of the kitchen furniture, and on the right one of the leaves and the shutter of one of the balconies. The other balcony follows, with the sofa in front and the green plant on the left. There is a small central living room table at the beginning and centre, a kitchen to the left, a coffee machine, a dining table to the right, and a bedroom in the background. Dining table to the right, with fruit bowl in the centre, wall shelves above it, bedroom to the left. We now have a photograph very similar to the previous one but taken from a somewhat more open plane a little further back. The next one is similar but taken from further back, with the sofa on the right?wide shot after about half a room. Now we see a Malaga vacation rental photograph with the apartment's interior on the left, a leaf and shutter in the centre and part of the Félix Sáenz square in the rest of the scene. The next one is made from the other balcony. We see the kitchen and the street that leads to Félix Sáenz. Close-up of the bed, with its original design, in the background, the left part of the living room. Now, another bedroom shot, a symmetrical photograph with the bed in the centre and two stools at the beginning, in the front centre area. Sliding doors to the restroom. Close-up of quilt, cushions and pillows, chiffonier, oval mirrors and decorative elements on the right wall.