Juan Pascual Fotografo Profesional Turismo
Professional photographer since 2007. I live and work mainly in Malaga and Madrid. From the very beginning I have been fascinated by the plastic and the expressive nature of photography, and by the possibility of transmitting, like the other arts, feelings and emotions. I have a real passion for my work.

My professional work focuses on the production of reports for public and private entities dedicated to tourism, travel, architecture, interior design, real estate, hotels and companies.

Some of my clients and media where my photographs have been published:
El Mundo    ABC    The Guardian    National Geographic    Viajar    Vincci Hoteles    Hesperia Hoteles    Casablanca Beach    Turismo Andaluz    Ayuntamiento de Málaga    Patronato de Turismo Costa del Sol    Voyages Privès    Pablo Paniagua Arquitectura Interior    Embarba    Multiópticas    TDK    ABBOTT

Working with Hasselblad digital medium format and Sony-Zeiss 35 mm. digital.